Company Profile

Infrastructure resources are very essential to the minimal operations & growth of economy, government and countryā€¯. Developing economy, flourishing industrialization and demand for higher supplies has generated lot of hunger for power; creating demand for new, stable, efficient and integrated power utilities.

Advait Infratech Pvt Ltd. is committed to be a part of vibrant power infrastructure industry to meet above scenario. We provide product solutions & services for Power Sector contributing to safer, sustainable and efficient power infrastructure & environment. Based in Ahmedabad – the business hub & mega city of Gujarat (INDIA); we started our operations from year 2007-2008 achieving substantial growth in short span of a year. At present we are doing business of about USD 40 Mn per annum.

We have nationwide footprints through our affiliated Team Members in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

We have built strong affiliation & visible presence in all major EPC companies, private companies, private utilities and many of the State Electricity Boards of India.

Timely approval, efficient project management and strong coordination have always been our motto. Our solutions provide answers for customer requirements rather than creating questions to answers. We believe in Improvement of overall efficiency through value addition to both product and services we offer.

Confidence and support of our customers have always been motivating and compelling force for us.