Our focused product portfolio includes Transmission Line & Sub-Station Insulators up to 1000 KV, Stringing and erection tools (upto Octa configuration) for tensioning and pullying machines (upto 28 Tons), Transmission Line and stringing machines, High Ampacity Conductors, OPGW, Cables, Transformers, GIS substation, Industrial Motors, Steel for Transmission Line.

We also provide solutions for other allied products for transmission line infrastructure. Our partners are leaders in their respective fields for manufacturing and providing product solutions having worldwide presence, detailed as follows:

Please take a little time on our product lines and partners:

  • Dalian Insulator Group Co., Limited, China
    Transmission Line & Sub-Station Insulators upto 1000 KV
  • LS Cable Limited, Korea
    OPGW, High Ampacity & Thermal Conductors, Cables &
    Telecom Network Solutions
  • NJ – Advait Equipments – China
    Stringing Tools for Conductors & OPGW, Tower Erection Tools, Special Purpose Tools
  • Henan Electric Power Boda Technology Co., Limited, China
    TSE Machines for Erection of Transmission Lines, Special purpose vehicles
  • CHiNT Electric Co., Limited, China
    Sub-Station Equipments, GIS/HGIS Switchgears, Mobile Sub-stations, and various switchgears for Power Distribution & Transmission
  • Shanghai Electric Machinery Group, China
    AC, DC, synchronous, induction & various types of motors for Power Generation & Industrial Plants, Various power plant equipments & switchgears
  • China Machinery Electric Equipment Co., Limited, China
    Transmission and Distribution Line has device and insulations.